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Lifestyle Changes to Keep Your Heart Healthy

February 2023

Improving Your Heart Health

The Therapy Connection Newsletter

January 2023

Who Needs PT in 2023!

How to Lift Heavy Loads. The Therapy Connection Newsletter.

December 2022

How to Lift Heavy Loads

Get Rid of Back Pain. The Therapy Connection Newsletter.

November 2022

How to Get Rid of Back Pain

Physiscal Therapists are Movement Experts. The Therapy Connection Newsletter.

October 2022

PTs are Movement Experts

Preventing Falls with Physical Therapy. The Therapy Connection Newsletter.

September 2022

Preventing Falls with Physical Therapy

Training Recovery Tips for Student Athletes

August 2022

Recovery Tips for Student Athletes

Staying Hydrated in the Summer

July 2022

Staying Hydrated

Prevent repetitive strain injury

June 2022

Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

May 2022

Physical Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

carpal tunnel physical therapy

April 2022

Physical Therapy for Carpal Tunnel

Athletic Injuries

March 2022

What to know about Athletic Injuries

BMI relates to Heart Health

February 2022

February is Healthy Heart Month

Physical Therapy Newsletter January 2022

January 2022

Good Health in the New Year!

Stress Free Holidays

December 2021

Be Stress-Free this Holiday Season

Pain Free Holiday Season

November 2021

Avoid Common Holiday Injuries

What Physical Therapy Can Do for you

October 2021

Discover Great Things PTs are Doing!

September 2021

Stay Active and Have Fun at Home

Back to School Sports

August 2021

Getting Back into School Sports

Why Olympians Wear Kinesiotape

July 2021

Why Olympians Wear Kinesio Tape

National Employee Wellness Month

June 2021

4 Ways to Practice Wellness at Work

Moving in May

May 2021

Let’s Get Moving in May!

Pain Free Spring Cleaning

April 2021

Pain-Free Spring Cleaning

Ice vs. Heat When You're In Pain

March 2021

To Ice or Heat? That is the Question

Exercising to a Healthy Heart

February 2021

Add PT to Your 2021 Health Plan

Add Physical Therapy to your 2021 Health Plan

January 2021

Add PT to Your 2021 Health Plan

Cold Weather Exercise Tips

December 2020

Cold Weather Exercise Tips

Avoiding Ladder Hazards

November 2020

Avoiding Ladder Hazards

October 2020

October is PT Month

fall prevention at home

September 2020

Fall Prevention At Home

Keep my kids active this school year

August 2020

Keeping Kids Active This School Year

July 2020

Return to Activity Without Injury

Sleep Better

June 2020

How to Start Sleeping Better

Stay Active During Social Distancing

May 2020

Ways to Stay Active While Distancing

April 2020

Your Health is our Top Priority

Healthy Exercise Habits

March 2020

8 Healthy Exercise Habits

February 2020

Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Top 3 Rehab Goals for 2020

January 2020

Top Three Rehab Goals for 2020

avoid injury with a strong core

December 2019

Avoid Winter Injuries With a Strong Core

Safe Lifting Practices

November 2019

Safe Lifting This Holiday Season

Pain is Scary, but physical therapy is not

October 2019

Pain is Scary but PT is Not!

what causes falls

September 2019

What Causes Falls?

safely getting back into school sports

August 2019

Safely Getting Back into School Sports

plantar fasciitis physical therapy

July 2019

Fixing Plantar Fasciitis

June 2019

8 Tips for a Bike Ride

living with arthritis

May 2019

Living With Arthritis

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain

April 2019

Choosing PT for Chronic Pain

March 2019

5 Reasons Cross Training is Important


February 2019

FOOSH (Fall on Out Stretched Hand)

you may need physical therapy

January 2019

8 Signs That You May Need PT

Avoiding Holiday Injuries

December 2018

Avoiding Holiday Injuries

Direct Access Physical Therapy

November 2018

Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Physical Therapy

October 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need PT

Aerobic Activity What Counts

September 2018

Aerobic Activity – What Counts


August 2018

Care for Minor Sprains and Strains

Summer Safety 101

July 2018

Summer Safety Injury Prevention

PTandMe Sleep Tips

June 2018

Getting the Most Out of Your Sleep

Gardening and Injury Prevention

May 2018

Gardening & Injury Prevention

The difference between occupational and physical therapists

April 2018

Occupational vs. Physical Therapists

March 2018

Athletes Should Avoid Overtraining.

February 2018

Is Your Phone Giving you Neck Pain?

Exercise PTandMe

January 2018

Starting a New Exercise Routine.

Holiday Stress PTandMe

December 2017

Coping with Holiday Stress

Prehab Total Knee Replacement PTandMe

November 2017

Prehab for Total Knee Replacements

Physical Therapy Month PTandMe

October 2017

Physical Therapy Month

Fall Prevention PTandMe

September 2017

Preventing Falls in the Home

Concussions PTandMe

August 2017

What We Know About Concussions

Hydration PTandMe

July 2017

Are you Drinking Enough Water

June 2017

Dealing with Sciatica Nerve Pain

Opioids PTandMe

May 2017

PT can Replace Opioids for Back Pain

Gardening Ergonomics PTandMe

April 2017

Gardening Ergonomics

Fall Prevention PTandMe

March 2017

Fall Prevention Tips for the Home

Arthritis PTandMe

February 2017

Joint Protection for Hands with Arthritis

Cold Weather Exercise PTandMe

January 2017

Dressing for Cold Weather

Hip Replacement Home Prep PTandMe

December 2016

Hip Replacement Home Prep

Back Pain PTandMe

November 2016

My Back Hurts

Physical Therapy Month PTandMe

October 2016

Celebrating Physical Therapy!

Fall Prevention

September 2016

Fall Prevention for Seniors

School Sports Injuries PTandMe

August 2016

School Sports Injuries

Hot Weather Exercise Tips PTandMe

July 2016

Hot Weather Exercise Tips