Fear the Walking Dead

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We all know the zombie apocalypse is inevitable, but have you ever stopped to wonder just how far your limbs can carry you without sustaining injury, assuming they weren’t eaten during the unfortunate event that caused you to turn. Walkers quite frankly do a lot of walking; most of it is rather aimless but they cover a lot of distance especially in a herd.

If we were doomed to spend eternity in a constant state of walk/run/hobble we would likely find that walkers would experience many of the same injuries that runners face including the following;

IT (Iliotibial) Band Syndrome is caused by improper footwear and the increasing of mileage and/or intensity too quickly. Symptoms manifest after a short period of running with a sharp pain on the outside of the knee.

Piriformis Syndrome is commonly caused by increase in mileage and/or intensity, and poor running mechanics associated with weak hips and core. The symptoms include local pain and tightness in the buttocks with possible tingling or numbness down the back of the leg.

Shin Splints, caused by improper footwear, lack of flexibility in the calves and running on hard surfaces, they cause a throbbing or aching pain along the front of the shin usually occurring during or following a prolonged walk or run.

Runner’s Knee, caused by increasing distance and/or as well as poor running mechanics. It’s symptoms include swelling and aching pain behind and/or around the kneecap and pain walking up and down stairs.

Now, how do we combat these injuries?

Always begin activity with a light warm up 10 minutes spent following that light rustle in the woods would serve you better than an all-out sprint towards your next unsuspecting victim

Stretch, reaching overhead to get the foot on the ledge or bending down to get to the snack hiding under the car

Rest, when that same snack locks you in a closet just go with it you could use the break.

And lastly shoes. Proper footwear is essential so let’s hope that you weren’t turned on flip flop day or in those 6 inch heels.


But in all seriousness whether you are a runner, walker, pro or novice, you never have to live in pain. Don’t be afraid to seek help if injury occurs, the best treatment for injuries is early management and education on self management specific to your injury.