The Jackson Clinics

The Jackson Clinics: Brambleton/ Ashburn

The Jackson Clinics: Brambleton / Ashburn
Inside Onelife Fitness
42365 Soave Drive, Suite 200
Brambleton, VA 20148
Phone: 571.349.3116
Fax: 844.684.4241

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The Jackson Clinics Brambleton Physical Therapy location is located inside Bramblelton Town Center off of Soave Drive inside OneLife Fitness.  Parking is on the far side of the building. You do not need to be a member of Onelife Fitness to receive physical therapy service at our location. If you have any questions regarding your rehabilitation, or have trouble finding our physical therapy Brambleton location, please call 571-349-3116.

Physical Therapy Brambleton

Physical Therapy Brambleton

Our Brambleton Physical Therapy Clinic
Specializes in:

  • Orthopedics Brambleton
  • Manual Therapy Brambleton
  • Sports Medicine Brambleton
  • Aquatic Therapy Brambleton
  • Pre & Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Pediatrics
  • Running Exams
  • Industrial Rehabilitation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations Brambleton
  • Work Hardening
  • Patient Education

Jackson Physical Therapy Brambleton  Jackson Physical Therapy Brambleton  Jackson Physical Therapy Brambleton

The Jackson Clinics is a locally owned physical therapy practice with multiple locations throughout Northern Virginia. Our physical therapy Brambleton location specializes in orthopedics, sports medicine and workers’ compensation. Our licensed physical therapists Brambleton have tailored programs designed for athletes of all levels from the weekend warrior and the professional athlete, to the industrial athlete and more. We also make sure to work cohesively with your other healthcare providers to make sure that  you continue to improve and reach your rehabilitation goals.

By partnering with Onelife Fitness we are able to provide the Brambleton community with aquatic therapy services. Aquatic therapy is a great way for patients that may not be able to support their full body weight, work towards their strength and flexibility goals. Our aquatic therapy Brambleton program is not an aerobics class, rather an extension of physical therapy with the goal to move the patient back onto dry land.

With both early morning and evening appointment available we make it easy for you to make your appointments. Whether your goals are to get back into your sport, or to reduce your risk falls, The Jackson Clinics licensed physical therapy team will be ready to help you with a smile. We truly enjoy being able to help the Brambleton community get back to the activities that they enjoy most – call us and get started today!

Along with our outpatient physical therapy Brambleton clinic, PTandMe has affiliated outpatient physical therapy clinics throughout Northern VA. Our local locations include:

PTandMe Article Contributions from The Jackson Clinics

dry needling physical therapist

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Dry needling uses small, thin needles to stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular and connective tissues for the management of many orthopedic conditions, both acute and chronic. More

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In addition to the physical therapy Brambleton location, you can access a wide variety of information through We are the number one resource for physical therapy information and support. Our website allows you to quickly search for a specific type of injury or diagnosis, learn more about the PT profession, and find the right physical therapist Brambleton or sports medicine Brambleton physical therapist based on your needs.


The Jackson Clinics Brambleton / Ashburn
42365 Soave Drive, Suite 200
Brambleton, VA 20148