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Anatomy of a “Bad Knee”


The knee is a relatively simple joint required to do a complicated job…to provide flexible mobility while bearing considerable weight. While walking down the street, our knees bear three to five times our body weight. When climbing upstairs, that force can multiply to seven times our body weight. That force is borne by compact structures of bone and cartilage, supported by muscles and ligaments. When the knee is overstressed in sports or in everyday activities, these structures can break down — and knee injury occurs.

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Physical Therapy and Automobile Accidents




  • The majority of auto accident injuries affects soft tissues – muscles, tendons and ligaments, which doesn’t show up on x-rays.
  • Soreness and muscle pain from whiplash can signal a soft-tissue injury that may not heal on its own. Neck and back pain commonly doesn’t surface until hours or days after a car accident. The sooner you see a physical therapist the faster you will heal.
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