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What is Direct Access to Physical Therapy?

Direct Access to Physical Therapy PTandMe

Tired of waiting to get into your physician for a new injury, nagging back pain, or are you just looking for safe ways to prevent an injury or live a healthier more active life. Your state may have jumped on board to make these personal goals achievable.

Essentially all 50 states and Washington DC have some form of direct access laws. In some states such as Pennsylvania & Tennessee, a patient may be treated only for a certain amount of time before contacting the patient’s physician. While in others (Arizona, Kentucky, etc…) there are no restrictions to access. To learn more about your state’s Direct Access laws click here or call your therapist directly.

Direct access laws can aide in your recovery by allowing a patient, to quickly gain access to a Physical (PT) professional who can guide you down the road of recovery. There is no need for just a free consult or examination… start getting treatment on day one! Many may not realize your previous therapist may have completed a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. These advancements in educational requirements have helped provide clinicians that are capable of thoroughly evaluating, examining, and treating a wide range of injuries and disabilities.

Similar to chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and other medical services; your insurance may vary in its coverage available. Despite the law, some insurance companies may have additional restrictions such as the number of visits they may reimburse a year or per injury. Contact one of our clinics to help guide you through the insurance benefits process. Research has shown physical therapy is cost-effective and early intervention prevents more costly treatments later, can result in faster recovery and reduces costs associated with time off work.

The profession of physical therapy is constantly evolving and its scope of practice continues to grow to strive to offer the best standard of care for its patients. Physical therapists and healthcare professionals are doing research every day to discover better treatment methods available. Rehabilitation can cover a wide variety of conditions from fall prevention, sports injuries, pre and post-surgical patients, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, ankle sprains, headaches…. and the list goes on!

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