industrial athlete

Industrial Athlete Tips for Health and Work Recovery


Industrial workers use their bodies to perform their jobs just as an athlete would. An athlete may do his/her job for 3 hours during a game whereas an industrial worker uses their body for 8 hours every day. It is important to take care of the most important tool you have at your disposal, your body.

It is important to maintain hydration to prevent premature exhaustion and muscle injury. Appropriate fluid levels are important for cells in the body to recover and repair. This is especially important in workers who are in a warm environment or have to use heavy non-breathable PPEs. Some studies recommend drinking 1 cup of water every 30 minutes.
• Maintaining hydration is also important when not at work. When a person has sign of dehydration, it is usually too late. No longer sweating or becoming thirsty are signs of dehydration.
• Alcohol can have an adverse effect as it increases the rate of dehydration.

Proper rest is important for proper muscular recovery and prevents fatigue at the end of the day and week. When the body and mind do not have the necessary “shut down” time, physically – fatigue and injury can result and mentally – unclear thinking, poor decisions and shortness of temper can result.


A good method of injury prevention is stretching. A good program will be developed for the most significant muscle groups you use during your work day.

General rules for stretching:
1. Stretching is to be done slowly, gently and should not produce pain.
2. Perform stretches until you feel a slight pull and hold.
3. DO NOT BOUNCE during stretches.
4. Hold stretches for seconds, not counts.
5. It is not uncommon to have some muscular soreness for 3-5 days after performing stretches that you may not be accustomed to.
6. If you feel sharp pain with any stretch – stop performing that particular stretch.

Article about the industrial athlete was written by the Therapy Team at STAR Physical Therapy.