Primal 7: Pursuing Movement


Primal 7 is the ultimate movement tool it allows you to train in the primary patterns of movement that every human body was designed to perform – push, pull, squat, bend, lunge, gate, and twist. Because these universal movements are the foundation of all life and sport, perfecting them can lead to faster recovery, injury prevention, and enhanced performance.

Physical therapists and trainers alike are introducing the Primal 7 System into their facilities and utilizing it to aid in

  • Recovery: From traumatic brain injury patients to athletes transitioning back to sport, Primal 7 empowers each patient with the confidence to pursue movement. Without the use of weights or cumbersome harnesses or stirrups.
  • Performance: For more athletic athletes. Combining compound, functional movements with instability training means faster results – minus the wear and tear
    on joints and muscles.
  • Wellness: Simple, sustainable fitness. Primal 7 simplifies fitness down to the seven foundational patterns of human movement for a more practical, efficient approach to long-term health and wellness.

A versatile system that has shown proven results that increase mobility and decrease pain. Improves balance and proprioception. Builds strength and instills confidence. It makes functional rehabilitation safe and simple. Ask your physical therapist about it today or look for a facility that uses Primal 7 today to get you on the road to recovery and improved movement.

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