PT for Pregnancy

ThinkstockPhotos-177416910Pregnancy should be a time of anticipation – not pain. Working together with an OBGYN a physical therapist can create a safe and appropriate exercise routine during pregnancy. See more  from an article featured on

Melissa Gaskill writes; exercise can ease most of the common complaints of pregnancy, complaints that often lead women to a PT. Exercise helps reduce backaches; increase energy; improve mood, posture, and circulation; increase range of motion; and promote muscle tone, strength, and endurance. Exercise can help women sleep better, and may help prevent or treat gestational diabetes. Regular activity, particularly abdominal workouts, also may improve a woman’s ability to cope with labor, make it easier for her to get back in shape after the birth, and decrease the risk of pelvic floor and organ prolapse. Pregnant women should, however, receive clearance from their obstetricians before beginning any exercise regimen. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE