What should I wear to physical therapy

What Should I Wear to Physical Therapy?

What should I wear to physical therapy

When you come to physical therapy, we evaluate your movement and your body’s ability to function correctly.  It’s hard to do that when a patient shows up in restrictive or cumbersome clothing. So if you’re asking yourself… Self,  “What should I wear to physical therapy?” We’ve got you covered.

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What Should I Wear to Physical Therapy for Hip, Leg, Ankle, or Foot Pain?

You’ll want to wear loose-fitting clothing – preferably shorts or yoga pants that can roll up past the knee.  The last thing we want is for your movement to be restricted by your clothing.  Additionally, many treatment plans incorporate manual therapy techniques, which means we’ll be moving muscles with our hands or with tools specifically designed to help your recovery.

Footwear matters too – depending upon the injury,  patients may spend time walking and running on the treadmill,  drills on the clinic floor, etc.  Come prepared by wearing a comfortable set of tennis shoes.  In some cases, a physical therapist may need you to take off your socks and shoes to better evaluate and treat your feet. An extra pair of socks may be helpful for patients that don’t want to put on a used pair. You can even bring them in a bag to put the stinky ones in ;).

What Should I Wear to Physical Therapy for Back, Arm, Shoulder, or Neck Pain?

Great question. Again, the best option is to wear a loose-fitted short-sleeved shirt. Not only does it make getting your blood pressure readings, but it’s the easiest way to make sure your body has free range of movement. If you’re cold-natured, bring a cardigan that you can easily take on and off throughout the appointment.

What if I’m Coming from Work or School?

No worries, bring a change of clothes with you to change into before your appointment.  We understand that you’re fitting us into your schedule.

Wearing the right clothes during your physical therapy appointment can be the difference between having a good visit and a great one.  If you’re in pain or experiencing a loss of function, reach out to schedule your first visit today!

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