how to choose the right safety shoes

How To Choose the Right Safety Shoes (Infographic)

how to choose the right safety shoes

In the market for a new pair of safety shoes? Read this guide to find out everything you need to know about how to choose the right safety shoes for your needs.

Why Wear Safety Shoes?

If you work in a hazardous work environment, then it’s important to protect yourself against injury. In fact, 7% of wounds caused by workplace accidents are foot injuries. Yet, data from the National Safety Council reveals that many workers tend to overlook their feet with only one out of four victims of job-related foot injury wearing any type of safety shoes or boots.

Risks to Feet in the Workplace

There are two main types of foot injury that may occur as a result of a workplace accident:

  1. Slips and falls
  2. Trauma e.g. burns, cuts, punctures and impact

Depending on your workplace, your feet may face a range of different hazards. For example, electricians may be at risk of electric shock or those who work in a foundry may need protection against extreme heat. As such, the type of footwear required will depend on the particular risks associated with your working environment.

Choosing Safety Shoes

Like most shoes, you will need to pay attention to fit, comfort and support. Additionally, you will also want to look at the shoe material and the type of protection offered. Before shopping, always consult your employer for specifications and check if there are any specific safety features that you will need.

Learn More About Safety Shoes

This infographic from Walsh Brothers Shoes looks at the most common foot injuries in the workplace and outlines some of the most common risks to our feet in the workplace. It also goes on to offer advice on how to choose a pair of safety shoes that will give your feet the protection they need at work.

Scroll down to the infographic below to find out more.

how to chose the right safety shoe