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This Month in PT News. Featuring articles from PTandMe partnering clinics!

1. Hip vs. Back vs. SI Pain
Written by Becky Hanna – director of ProCare Physical Therapy’s Tyrone, PA Facility

31 million Americans are currently suffering from low back pain and an estimated 80% of us will have an incident of low back pain at some point in our lifetime. However, back pain can be a sign of low back, hip or sacroiliac joint dysfunction so how can you determine the source of your discomfort? Read More

2. Don’t Stress Out About Stress Fractures
Written by the Therapy Team at Cornerstone Physical Therapy

A stress fracture, also known as a fatigue-induced fracture, consists of one or more small cracks in the bone. It is associated with a pattern of overuse, commonly seen in the lower extremity in athletes. Read More