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PT News February 2024

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This time in PT News we recap what our clinics have been posting throughout February 2024. We are excited to bring you current physical therapy-based posts featuring published articles from PTandMe partnering clinics!

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Pelvic Health

1. Pelvic Floor Therapy: Your Key to a Healthy and Empowered Life

Written by Carolina Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine with locations in Columbia, Charleston, Sumter, and Rock Hill, SC

Let’s talk about your pelvic floor muscles. Picture a hammock-like structure at the bottom of your pelvis, supporting your bladder, uterus, and rectum, and helping maintain continence. These muscles are key players in controlling urinary and fecal continence, supporting your pelvic organs, and enhancing intimacy…  Read more


neck pain

2. Pinched Nerve in the Neck? Start Treating with 2 Exercises

Written by JACO Rehab an outpatient physical therapy practice with 4 locations on Oahu, HI.

Sometimes neck stiffness, arm weakness, or feelings of pins and needles down your arm can be signs of a “pinched nerve” from the neck. This injury is common but annoying, often irritated by simple day-to-day activities. This can include: Looking over your shoulder while driving, gazing up at the birds in the sky, or sleeping in the “wrong” position…  Read more


Dry Needling

3. Discover Smarter Pain Relief with Dry Needling

Written by Wright Physical Therapy an outpatient physical therapy group with locations throughout the state of Idaho.

Dry needling is an increasingly popular treatment option for individuals dealing with chronic pain, offering a myriad of benefits. Some advantages of incorporating dry needling into your pain management plan includes Pain Relief: Dry needling aids in effectively reducing both localized and referred pain by releasing tight trigger points and muscle bands. Improved Mobility: By targeting specific muscles, dry needling assists in enhancing muscle function and increasing the range of motion, making daily activities smoother and more enjoyable… Read more

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the PT News February 2024 edition.

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