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PT News July 2023

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This time in PT News we recap what our clinics have been posting throughout July 2023. We are excited to bring you current physical therapy-based posts featuring published articles from PTandMe partnering clinics!

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1. What is Dry Needling Really Like?

Written by Southern Rehab & Sports Medicine (Powered by P4) with over 4 locations in NW Georgia

The term “dry needling” refers to the fact that the needles themselves do not contain any medication. Because the needles do not have to be large enough to hold medicine, the needles themselves are very thin–8x smaller than the injection you receive at the doctor when undergoing vaccines. The primary goal of dry needling is to desensitize those irritable, tender knots in muscle tissue that cause pain…  Read more


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2. Physical Therapy and Breast Cancer

Written by The Jackson Clinics an outpatient physical therapy practice with 19 locations in NE Virginia

Breast cancer treatment often involves surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormonal therapy. Although these life-saving interventions are essential in breast cancer treatment, they can have side effects of pain, loss of range of motion in the affected limb, or swelling in the arm, commonly referred to as lymphedema. Physical therapy is a critical and essential part of breast cancer rehabilitation and recovery to restore function and improve quality of life…  Read more


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3. What do Physical Therapists Do?

Written by Jaco Rehab, an outpatient physical therapy group with 4 locations on Oahu.

Physical therapists have a broad skill set. They can rehabilitate sprained ankles, treat a burn wound, or regulate a premature baby’s vitals in neonatal care. They collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide treatment and get you moving. So if you get a physical therapy referral from your doctor, know you’re on the way to recovery. Keep reading to learn what physical therapists do… Read more

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the PT News July 2023 edition.

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