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PT News

This Month in PT News. Featuring articles from PTandMe partnering clinics.

1.Degenerative Disc Disease and the Role of Physical Therapy
Written by the therapy Team at The Jackson Clinics Physical Therapy

The symptoms of degenerative disc disease are varied but regardless, it can limit the patient’s mobility and ability to perform daily activities. Painkillers can help patients with degenerative disc disease but they also benefit from physical therapy. Let’s take a look on the role of Oregon Spine & Physical Therapy in Eugene, Oregon in managing degenerative disc disease. Read More


2. Early Signs of Dehydration

Written by the therapy team at ARCH Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

You have commonly heard the phrase, “MAKE SURE YOU ARE DRINKING ENOUGH WATER.” Hydration is important for the body not only as a daily practice, during physical activity, but also plays an important role in the aid of weight loss. The human body is made up of approximately 50-75% water. The percentage of water varies based on age and gender. Read More


3. You Win Some, You Lose Some- Lessons Learned as a Marathon Walker
Written by Tiffany Basore PT, DPT at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation

Growing up I was an athlete. While being a perfectionist and competitive by nature helped me reach some goals, it has also held me back. There were times in my life where I avoided things because I was afraid to fail. In 2009, I took a chance and trained for a ½ marathon. Despite playing multiple sports, long distance running has never been “my thing”. I was nervous to participate for fear of failure, but I put these thoughts aside and I trained. I followed a plan, I was consistent, and I didn’t get hurt. When race day rolled around I was nervous but I felt I had prepared well. I had been experiencing some mild health issues at the time which had altered my diet, but I didn’t worry too much about it. I woke up the morning of the race with my legs feeling like lead. I attributed this to being nervous and over-thinking things. I started the race hoping I just needed to get into my rhythm, but I never did. I trudged on for 12 of the 13.1 miles willing my non-cooperative body to keep moving. Just past mile 12, there was a hill. I knew there was no way my body would carry me to the finish line if I tried to run up it. My entire body was letting me down in a way it never had during any of my training runs. As I began to walk, a medic asked if I was okay. I stubbornly said yes, but when asked to walk a straight line, I couldn’t come close. He checked my blood pressure, oxygen, and blood sugar, all of which were too low. I had to stop. My body had failed me. I had failed. Read More

The Ultimate Running Checklist

Even the most thorough training program can come unglued if you’re not prepared for the realities of race day. This is particularly true if you’re just beginning your running career and have been training for your first actual race or event. Adrenaline is flowing, nervous butterflies are dancing around in your belly, and things can be forgotten or overlooked amid the excited tension. This is why an important element of race preparation is checking items off a pre-race list to make sure you haven’t made any costly mistakes or oversights.

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