Taking Care of Your Scar

Self-Care: Taking Care of Your Scar at Home


Taking care of your scar well is an important aspect of your recovery from surgery. You must follow your surgeon’s order faithfully.This includes keeping it dry and covered as long as your doctor tells you it is necessary. If your scar becomes excessively red or painful, notify your doctor or therapist.


When you doctor tells you it is safe, you will need to start treating your scar at home. This is important because excessive scarring can lead to restricted movement and pain. The best approach to controlling your scar formation is to use your hands to free up skin around your scar. Rubbing Vitamin E oil or cocoa butter into your hands before massaging will also help your skin heal.

This information about taking care of your scar was written by Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists, an outpatient physical therapy group with fourteen locations in the surrounding Plymouth, Michigan area. At Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists, they are committed to using evidence-based treatments in their practice. This means that their therapists utilize the most current and clinically relevant treatments in their approach to rehabilitation. For more information click here.