Baseball Video Throwing Analysis

Baseball Video Throwing Analysis


Slow motion 2-D video throwing analysis for baseball players of all skill levels. The purpose of a baseball video throwing analysis is to break down the act of throwing to screen for abnormalities and deviations that may cause potential damage to the shoulder or elbow. Goals are injury prevention and optimizing performance by instructing players on the most efficient and effective mechanics of throwing. Includes evidence-based strengthening exercises and stretches from a certified strength & conditioning specialist. Provides player with proper arm care techniques, systematic warm-ups, cool-downs, throwing protocols, bullpen guidance and much more.

• Private Evaluation with a Physical Therapist
• Videography
• Biomechanical Analysis and Grading
• Recommendations on Areas for Improvement


• Physical Therapy has proven to be immediately valuable in the rehabilitation of injuries and prevention of further damage to the shoulder or elbow
• Video analysis is the only technology available to view each phase of the throwing motion from all possible angles to screen and detect mechanical flaws that are causing injury
• Objective data obtained from the analysis is put through a rigorous grading process (The 8 Cylinders of Pitching) which determines the biomechanical efficiency of the throwing motion
• A structured rehabilitation and prevention program that incorporates the latest evidence-based interventions proven to be effective specifically to baseball players
• A baseball program will rehabilitate and optimize a player’s performance in a safe, scientifically sound manner and maintain good health through their careers.