Elf Injuries and How PT Can Help: Part 2 of 3

It’s that time of year, when we check in on Santa’s helpers to see if they can use some physical therapy. With their heavy lifting and high demand job they’re always experiencing injuries. Our new elf friend Ziggy, is the perfect patient for PT.

When we last left off…

Ziggy was at one of PTandMe’s partnering physical therapy clinics.
He first had to check in with our friendly and helpful receptionist.

Then Ziggy warmed up on one of our many clinic’s treadmills to help strengthen his aching back.

Now Ziggy is awaiting the arrival of one of our trusted physical therapists, who will provide him with stretching techniques and exercises to help relieve his back pain.

elf on pt table2

To be continued…

See Ziggy’s complete physical therapy experience here!

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elf injuries

Special thanks to Action Physical Therapy, in Houston, TX, for accommodating the demanding work schedule of Santa’s elves. Click Here for more information about Action Physical Therapy.